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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 21, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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three lives come to a fiery end on the vegas strip. one was a bay area rapper, tonight we hear from his father. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. eric rasmussen live now in our
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newsroom with what cherry's father is saying to you tonight. >> reporter: gasia, ken cherry senior told me his 27-year-old son earned his money legitimately, did not have a criminal record and did not have a gun when he was shot and killed in his car early this morning. >> reporter: the fiery end to this horrible accident. >> reporter: a chain reaction crash on the las vegas strip. a taxi cab that burst into flame killing two all started when ken cherry jr. was shot behind the wheel of his gray masarotti. >> my son was ambushed. >> reporter: we first met with cherry senior shortly after he learned of his son's death. >> it's like someone has taken a baseball bat and hit you in the back of the head. it's just the worse feeling. and it's bad. it's just bad. >> reporter: las vegas police say an argument in the valet
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area of the aria hotel continued about 4:20 this morning when witnesses saw someone in a black range rover open fire and speed away. >> next thing you know there was a big explosion, like four or five other cars. >> reporter: cherry an aspiring rapper sang about his masarotti in his songs. his father says he did not deserve to die. >> it's all over stupidity and i have to go through it. a committee of the san francisco board of supervisors approved two proposals today aimed at limiting the size of
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am ammunition. it also agreed to alert police if someone bought 500 or more of ammunition. tonight we go under cover to find out just how easy it is to get a gun that is illegal here. we have new video into our newsroom tonight of a multi video crash. seven people are hurt, we're told two of them are in critical condition. a total of two vehicles were involved in the collision. happened around 7:00 this evening. a pickup truck carrying pool supplies overturned and authorities told us concentrated pool cleaning fluids spilled. a hazmat team came out and
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cleaned up the chemicals. you can see the pictures after a crane tipped over, a massive steel crane toppled below. >> reporter: the coast guard tells me tonight that crane has been secured on the new power of the new bridge. the damaged beam has been taken down, a big scare but hopefully the workers are safe tonight. >> the two cranes working in tandem between them had al steel basket -- had a steel
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basket that was lowering the weight down. the crane shifted somehow and toppled over. >> reporter: the beam came crashing down puncturing but not sinking a barge below. john simpson took pictures as it fell skw-z -- we heard a very large crash and it started to topple over. >> reporter: a coast guard boat came over and put up a barrier around the scene. >> potentially significant safety herb issues for the operators of the crane. >> my assumption is that the
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contractor portion of the project has insurance and that it'll be covered through those channels. >> reporter: bridge officials say this will not affect the bridge's labor day opening and as for the federal osha investigation could take several months to determine if there will be any penalties or fines. >> on we put up pictures and video of the collapse. just go to janell conway allen was found two weeks ago. janell attended green valley elementary school. the teen's mother also spoke briefly to us. >> my daughter was an awesome
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person. she changed a lot of people's lives, she even changed mine. >> reporter: janell was living with a foster family in sasun city at the time of her death. the man accused of killing her appeared in court and pled not guilty. this is the picture of anthony lamar jones from an earlier appearance. jones is accused of murder, rape, kidnapping and lewd acts with a minor. if convicted he could face the death penalty. the in their legal brief, the couple said this badge of inferiority, separateness and inquality must be extinguished. the supreme court justices are
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scheduled to hear the case on february 26. the state monitoring report out today says 175,000 california bar row -- borrowers have received help. another 20,000 are in the midst of trial mortgage reductions. about 59,000 short sales have been agreed to because of the settlement. happening now, a protest at city college of san francisco where students are occupying a campus building tonight. ktvu's debra villalon are live with the latest and the police reaction to it. >> reporter: peaceful but persistent so far, come on in a little closer. you can see there are a few dozen squatters in the lobby here at conlin hall. this is the main administration building for this embattled community college. it might pass for a class with
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students taking turns speaking. just that this building closed hours ago and these students may sleep here. >> earlier we had hundreds of students marching with us. >> reporter: they want town hall forums at all campuses and as the school is threatened with losing accreditation and closure, they want administrators to be more assertive. >> the accreditation commission we feel is more legitimate. we feel it's attacking the schools. >> we want affordable schools for students and for the next generation. >> they have to physically remove me from this building. >> reporter: students said they dug in because this was the day they were promised a meeting with skillman. it did not happen. they were told she was out of town. >> all we want is the chancellor to stand with us. this is the day in which she has said she would speak with us. >> reporter: two extra officers are on the overnight shift to
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guard conlin hall. because protesters have not been destructive disruptive they are allowed to stay. at this point we're seeing more students arrive after late classes end. this nine hour sit in showing every sign of a sleep in. we're live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu news. so did you feel it the south bay was rattled by a minor earthquake late today. the quake struck about 6 miles east-northeast of morgan hill about about 4:55 this afternoon. the usgs says preliminary information puts it along the calaveras fault. major league baseball may be inching closer to allowing the oakland athletics to build a new home in san jose.
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the commissioner's office has been pondering a move. today the l.a. times reports the a's have been given the criteria ta the team must meet before -- criteria the team must meet before. people liveing in a homeless encampment are being told they have to move. now the city is giving notice that it intends to clean up the area during the first week of march. officials say they have received complaints of people who live near by worried about safety and garbage piling up. the city says it is working on a long term solution on finding homes for the homeless. >> we'll tell you how cold it'll be at your house tomorrow morning. >> at 10:30. >> from nevada
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new at 10:00, thieves break into a luxury dealship dealership and make out with valuable loot. in this case it wasn't cars that they were after. >> reporter: we're at mercedes
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benz, and this is where the crime happened. personal documents were taken but some customers were not told until yesterday. >> all they need is a key to my front door and they're pretty much set. it's horrible. >> reporter: thieves broke into this dealership in park side drive in walnut creek sometime after closing. mercedes benz said thieves pried over a door and then another door and stole fires from cabinets. allison played the message she received yesterday. >> your customer files and information were removed from our department. >> reporter: you expect them to safeguard it and also to notify you right away if something
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were to happen. and we're really disaappointmented. >> reporter: the dealership told her up to 3,000 customers are affected. the general manager wouldn't know how many. >> you're just always waiting and you don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: we saw surveillance cameras but we were not told by police if they were able to give them any information. south bay authorities are looking for a man suspected of robbing at least five banks since the middle of last month. the santa clara sheriff's office released this surveillance video of the
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suspect. he's described as a white man in his 30s between 5'6" and 6 feet tall with a muscular build. two robberies happened in cupertino banks. the others were in saratog and the bay. the pleasanton based chain safeway closed almost 14% higher. the just for you discount program offer individualized deals and digital coupons based on a customer's buying history. google introduced its own high end laptop showing that the age of the laptop may not be over just yet. the new pixel chrome book runs on chrome lx which provides web applications through the web browser and the cloud. it weighs just 3 pounds which
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competes in portability with apple's air. united is making changes to its schedule. united is the only american carrier with 787s in its fleet. boeing plans to present its fix to the problems with its lithium ion batterys to the faa tomorrow morning. a new bill would require california state bridge builders to consider building suicide bridge deterrent measures. bridges throughout the state need to be safer. the bill would require that bridge builders take bridge barriers into consideration. now to the south bay where protesters say the tide may be turning after years of
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struggling over immigration reform. ktvu's robert handa reports on today's action in the street and also the shift in public financial from our exclue -- public shift from public experience that are give ago push. >> reporter: protesters showed up to add a push. a fight that they say they are beginning to win. >> that's a positive option for our immigrating families just because at the beginning we didn't have that much support. >> reporter: supporters say that chant is on target and a new exclusive ktvu field poll supports that view. it indicates in california, 90% favor citizens get a job,
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learn english and pay taxes. 53% favor the driver's license. >> it'll help us get a pulse of what the public is expecting. >> reporter: but others say the president's proposal is not the answer. >> the 10 year wait for me is very inhumane. >> reporter: many people here say they are hoping to get more support with more rallies such as this one and larger national rallies on april 10 and may first. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel two news. the union representing workers atphoupbtsed -- announced today it's three yearlong protest is over. it wasn't until this month that
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a new contract was ratified. the union says the deal includes raises, seniority rights and reduced health care costs. 64 santa rosa as we head into your friday. warmer still we're going to see mid- and low 60s tomorrow. most cities. it'll be kind of cool right along the coast. but a warmer day for your friday. as we head into the next 24 hours a few clouds coming in, this is occurring imagery. a few clouds coming in over head. as we get into saturday and sunday there's a few chances for sprinkles. overnight tonight it's going to be chilly. it is cold out there right now. 42 in novato. freezing and just above freezing so there's frost when you get going for your friday morning. kids need a jacket. when they get home they're not going to need jackets it's going to be in the mid-60s. i have your five day forecast
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teed up and ready to go. the sobasta pool city council has agreed to ban their smart meters. pg & e says it will not comply with sobastapool ban and continue to install smart meters. however, homeowners have the opportunity to opt out of the program. we'll go undercover and see how easy it is to buy
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a violent sexual offender from texas made his first court appearance in a san francisco courtroom today in connection
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with a vicious attack last weekend. salinas is accused of raping a woman near van nuys. salinas is a three strikes candidate in california and could face a life sentence. he is due back in court on monday. wall street slipped lower for a second day amidst new concern about consumer spending. the dow fell 46 points the nasdaq was off 32. one analyst says people are starting to realize that their paychecks are smaller now thanks to the higher payroll tax and higher gas prices. stock in tesla motors took a hit today after the electric car maker revealed it lost $75 million in the last quarter. that loss was bigger than investors had invested and the stock was off 9% today. but ceo elon most says production is still up and he is still expected to turn a
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small profit. if you haven't taken a look at your take home pay you might be surprised at what you find. maureen naylor is live with the changes that some people make. >> reporter: from higher taxes and the cancellation of different taxes you would be surprised what people change. >> now we try to cook home and just family dinners more than going out to the restaurants. >> reporter: according to a new survey, seven in 10 people surveyed are cutting their spending because of the increase in payroll taxes. 1/3 said they were dining out less and 1/4 are cutting back on expenses such as coffee and
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manicures. >> definitely. not as much coffee and visit from school to work. >> reporter: high rend and high gas prices has her considering moving out of the county. >> well i have a five bedroom, i am considering moving out to a four bedroom and just squeeze. >> you buy the cheaper bottle of wine or don't go out as much or cancel a dinner. >> i didn't notice it because i actually got a raise during the end of the year so i was really happy. but i didn't see a huge drop but when i went back and looked i was like wow, that was a lot. >> reporter: a lot of concern about the over all economy remains after weak sales reported from sales and weakening consumer confidence. maureen naylor, ktvu. a mansion in hillsboro is up for sale at a jaw dropping
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size that does not take any concern to the economy. but there's a condition of sale. the 16,000 square foot home sits on 40 acres of land it was built in 1914. the mansion boasts a swimming pool, grand ballroom, a library and 11 bedrooms. the price $100 million, but the owner does not want to move out until he dies. tonight what health officials is saying about the case. and the ktvu investigation, how easy
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the fbi said today they
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have stopped searching a well that was singled out by wesley shermantine. investigators only found dirt and debris no human remains were found. any future searches are also unlikely. the wells were 200 yards from where investigators found four sets of human remains a year ago. herzog and shermantine are accused of murders in the 1990s. the body of a missing canadian tourist was found wedged inside one of if water tanks on the roof of the cecil hotel. officials said the water didn't contain any live bacteria that would cause illness but they can't say if there was anything harmful when the body was inside. the coroner has northbound the -- also the corner has not
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found the cause of the death. the cocaine is worth some $440,000, the driver is being held at the imperial county jail. the head of the u.s. anti doping agency has asked the justice department to join a whistle-blower lawsuit against cyclist lance armstrong. the justice department has not yet said if it plans to join the case. all of this comes just a day after armstrong announced that he would not answer questions under oath before u.s. anti doping officials. the flu shot isn't giving seniors much protection. federal health officials say it is only proven 9% effective for people 65 and older. health fishes say they are disappointed with the shots effectiveness but they are still recommending it saying less protection is better than none. it can also decrease the
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severity of symptoms. ktvu's david stevenson went to reno to find out how the weapons are getting from there to here. >> reporter: nevada has seen its share of boom and bust though there's one export besides lady luck that consumers can't seem to get enough of. handguns, shotguns, and semi automatic rifles. >> probably half of the illegal weapons start coming in to san francisco and the bay area are coming out of different states. such as nevada, texas, arizona. >> reporter: lieutenant bobby guzman is a former marine. >> i believe that reno is one of the hot spots where all these weapons are coming in and
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just because there are very in close proximity to the san francisco bay area. >> reporter: last weekend in reno thousands of people lined up as early as 6:00 a.m. to get into the cross roads of the west gun show. >> i've been wanting one for a while. i was going to wait for my birthday but the prices are going up so i decided to get it now. >> reporter: california has one of the toughest gun laws. >> having an ar15 with the capability of doing this, is illegal. >> reporter: i just bought it. every gal needs a nice ar15. >> reporter: in contrast in northern nevada there's no waiting period and very few restrictions on the types of firearm that is can be bought or sold making nevada weapons very appealing to everyone. >> this one right here, it's an ar-15. >> this is a hot seller right?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: california residents who buy their guns in nevada must have their purchased shipped. >> this man wrongly claimed we californians could walk away with an am16 with $1,500 in cash. >> if he did buy it. how would it work for him? >> just register it. >> with serial number. >> is there a background check? >> no. >> you have the cash you can just take it and go. >> you take it and go. >> reporter: an independent selling standing near by gave us a warning. >> what's your state of residence? >> california. >> so we can't buy. >> not legally. >> i heard that guy telling you you can register it. >> reporter: we took a hidden camera inside the gun show to see if vendors are following
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the law. >> how does it work if you're from california and you wanted to get one now, would you be able to and what would you do? >> it would be near impossible. >> reporter: the license plates on vehicles in the parking lot shows that many people came out from california to the gun show. it'll take federal action to keep ar15s similar to one one from illegally entering san francisco. >> until the federal ban passes and everybody is on the same page it's going to be very difficult to control the illegal flow of illegal firearms into the state. >> reporter: david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. if you have an idea for ktvu special report, e-mail us send your tip to i reports at it was all about drinking beer to tonight to help some
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of san francisco's finest. locally the goal was to raise money for the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation. >> now you go into a fire, there's a flat screen tv in every room, a computer, there's vinyls, there's plastics so there's a toxic soup we're entering at every fire. a winter storm wallops the
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a new study released today by the environmental group ocean shows that much of the fish sold in the united states is mislabeled. they randomly tested fish. they say that fish was mislabeled 18% in super markets and 80% in sushi restaurants. >> i don't think it's a huge surprise. most of us are not eating what we they are we are. executives worked for the now defunct peanut corporation. it says the four knew their
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products were tainted with salmonella but sold their food any way and covered up the evidence. the outbreak made more than 700 people sick and may also have contributed to deaths. drew peterson was convicted of murder for his wife sabio. sabio's death was initially ruled an accidental drowning but investigators took another look after peterson's fourth wife stacy went missing. stacy peterson has never been found. in news of the world tonight in south africa, the murder case against double amputee o -- olympian pistorius case was postponed today. this after the chief investigator was removed from the case. a huge car bomb exploded near the ruling party
12:11 am
headquarters. two more explosions followed. at least # -- 72 people were killed. no one claims responsibility although syria blamed insurgents. this is believed to be one of the deadliest days in the capital. they say a new law doesn't go far enough because it fails to deal with marital rape or sexual conduct by military officers. snow blanketed parts of the midwest tonight closing schools and snarling traffic on the ground and also in the air. snow fell from colorado to missouri and as far south as texas. in fact, a 200-mile stretch of interstate 70 in kansas was closed because of blizzard conditions. some welcomed the storm hoping it will ease the drought that has been plaguing many of the
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states. conditions were so bad at the airport in wichita that a plane got stuck in the snow. airport officials say after the united express flight from denver landed the pilot unfortunately made a wrong turn on to an unplowed runway. the 66 folks on board, they had to wait two hours for a tow to the terminal. fighting back, what happened at this home after witnesses say a man tried to break in. >> the weekend is almost here. the conditions you can expect for saturday and sunday in your complete bay area forecast. >> in three minutes,.
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a man is hospitalized after he was shot during an apparent home invasion in oakland. it happened just before 10:00
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this morning in the home of the 1700 black. a resident there shot an intruder. it happened during a burglary or a home invasion. the alleged intruder sustained life threatening injuries. in east oakland it's come to this. police had to escort elementary school kids to the library. the school say it is neighborhood is just too dangerous. >> we love books. we love books. >> reporter: this is a story about small feet -- >> as a teacher i can't walk my kids through these streets. >> reporter: taking big steps deep in oakland. >> my kids are so used to throwing their bodies on the floor when they hear gunshots. >> reporter: this march is a little different, it's a statement and with every step that's exactly what these students are making, safety in the city streets. for the first time oakland police officers actually had to escort this group of second and
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third graders just so they could go read a book. >> the keepers check on their animals. >> reporter: at the public library on 81st avenue. >> as the sun does goes down. >> reporter: this monthly adventure stopped a couple of weeks back when gunfire erupted outside of the library again. >> nobody was hurt but this caused them to go on lock down and keep them from going on the trip again. >> reporter: a school five blocks if a place where dreams get big and stories come alive. >> it's cool. walking in the library and getting some books. >> we've had nine lock downs this year. school year already. >> reporter: tracy dordell -- teacher. >> that shouldn't be the case, them coming to the library without the possibility of getting shot. >> reporter: because a police escort is no guarantee from here on out they snapped this picture to document what could
12:17 am
be for these little ones the last school field trip to the east oakland library. mike mibach, ktvu news. wine exports from the u.s. have hit an all time high. the san francisco based wine institute says that sales last year hit $1.3 billion. it's the third year in a row for growth in wine exports. 90% of u.s. wine exports come from california. most 1/3 of sales went to europe, sales in canada and europe are also up significantly. with two days to go before the chinese new year parade, the city council gathered to celebrate the start of the festival. city hall was alive with the sights and sounds of traditional dragon dancers and musicians. mayor ed lee said as part of the tradition of the year of the snake is romance. >> we can all be a little more romantic. that will bring more about what
12:18 am
we know of san francisco the city of love and the 60s and we don't forget that part of our great city. and so, this is the year of the serpent and why not express that part of the year of the snake. >> elsewhere there's a flurry of last minute work going on putting finishing touches on the floats that will make this year's event. the largest new year's event outside china. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. with julie haener and ben phan torrez. if you're away from your tv we'll be streaming it for you. >> it was warmer out there today. take a look at the highs. the warm spot was 64 in santa rosa. cool spot was san mateo at 67. highs tomorrow they're coming up. numbers tomorrow are going to be mid-60s, kind of low 60s. more 60s than 50s for sure but slightly warmer tomorrow.
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there's clouds moving in over head. i already pointed those out for you. temperatures outside are chilly. friday morning will be a lot like this morning a little bit warmer but it's still going to be cold. so you will still find frost in those inland bay valleys. you will find some frost out in the livermore valley and that's it. as you get going to work it's chilly. by lunchtime your jackets are you don't need them. the weekend, there's a chance for sprinkles, it's weird they show up early saturday morning. i'll show you on the outer band
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of this where there's very little dynamics, weak dynamics that's why we're not going to see any rain or much rain if we see any it'll be drizzle at best. here's the mechanics friday morning, friday afternoon here it comes. barable then it just falls apart. what you will notice is the winds kick up. maybe a little bit of wind in the morning and drizzle along the coast. as we head into the chinese new year parade, it looks okay. upper 40s so jackets which is typical for friday for the parade as well. but it's dry in your sky. we'll be televising the parade channel 2, we start at 6:00, the parade starts at 7:00. i told you it would be warmer. five day forecast with your
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weekend in view, no rain gasia and frank. but the long range models that's five days out, go five more and there's still no rain. >> we're talking early march we need significant rain in the bay area. >> so we're getting nervous. thank you bill. nasa says a new and enormous sun spot has formed in the last 48 hours. that's pretty fast. the sun spot is at least six times the diameter of earth and it could potentially lead to a solar flair which could interrupt communication here on earth. our sports director [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons.
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and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. a piece of steel memorializing the worse day in modern history has a new home in oakland. a small steel gurder was brought from the twin towers to the we must remember memorial. a formal dedication is scheduled for spring. let's talk sports now. mark ibanez is here how about those golden bears. >> they are happy to play tonight no question.
12:25 am
forget this past week, a game that could not have come soon enough. so they could begin to push and shove the memory of this past week out of their minds. a very mild mannered mike montgomery inside he would be churning as things develop in this one. bears tyrone wallis. a 9-2 run cals still find themselves down to oregon on that unusual shout by five at the half. alex thorn ton the put back and the foul and that wound up tieing things with 2:06 left. cobb atones with saoáer 0.7 seconds left. cal's fourth straight history and now they have won it seven times in the last the point.
12:26 am
and cardinals owning the second half. put the stamp on it. the blow by 14 points 11 rebounds for him. and stanford is now 6-7 in conference. i tell you what as long as they don't have to deal with gonzaga things are just fine for st. mary's hosting a very physical but definitely less gifted byu squad. the gails get all they want in this one. nice ball movement for lavesk get out of delasalle. he had 17 off the bench tonight. coach said it was all right. delavadova the three. he had nine in the night. they hold off 12-2. and the loco motion on the court, usf pulls it off with less than a second left. not a single guy in any game tonight across the country has anything on this young lady.
12:27 am
cheer leader from william carry. that's what she calls her front flip half court shot. she tried it in every game but this is the first time she has ever made it. and that is something yet to cheer about. hard to really grumble when your team just won the world series but there were some low key belly aching about how the giants did very little to upgrade in the offseason. but you know what they're expecting a lot out of those two brandons. if they improve like they should, the giants should be in it again. >> we're friends, we played together in the minor leagues so we've gotten to know each other very well. >> the more you get familiar with them and comfortable with them the better off you're going to be. we're getting pretty comfortable with each other the last couple of years. we have it going in short and
12:28 am
shortstop. >> that's the sporting life for a thursday night. frank, gasia. >> thank you for joining us, we'll see you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling.
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♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.


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